Division of Criminal Justice Services

Criminal Justice Statistics


Statutorily required annual reports and other reports are available on the Publications page.   If you are interested in information about the State prison and community supervision populations, research reports are available here  http://www.doccs.ny.gov/Research/Research.html. 

The date in parenthesis indicates the date of the report, or the last time the feature was updated.

Crime and Victimization



  • Dispositions of Adult Arrests by County and Region (5/2018)
    Dispositions of adult arrests for felony, violent felony, drug felony, and misdemeanor offenses over the last five years. Includes statewide, region or individual county summaries.  (See Also Felony Processing Report on Publications Page)

Youth Justice Data

New York State youth justice data are compiled by a variety of state and local agencies, including the Office of Children and Family Services, the Office of Court Administration, the Office of the New York City Criminal Justice Coordinator, the New York City Administration for Children’s Services and the New York City Police Department. DCJS partners with these agencies and others and compiles and analyzes data to produce a statewide picture of youth justice trends.


Monthly/Quarterly Reports

  • Crime, Arrest and Firearm Activity Report (Greenbook) (12/2018)
    Preliminary year-to-date crime and arrest statistics for jurisdictions participating in the GIVE initiative. This report is issued on a quarterly basis.
  • Monthly Jail Population Report (4/2019)
    Census data for local jails for the past 12 months. 
  • Monthly DNA Collection Rates by County Report (4/9/2019) DNA eligible sentences by county and month and the percentage on sentences for which a DNA sample is on file 90 days after sentencing. This report is used by location jurisdictions to monitor DNA collection efforts.

Questions about the above and other statistical data may be submitted to: dcjsstats@dcjs.ny.gov.
All media inquiries should be addressed to pressinfo@dcjs.ny.gov or requested by phone at (518) 457-8828.